Ink Dauber Wand - Pink

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From The Maker Session Website - The best little tool, the dual-ended Dauber Wand for beginners and more advanced makers. The dual-ended Dauber Wand is ideal for detailed stencil designs. Get better control for inking edges, and even coloring stamped images. Take your inked Dauber
Wand directly to your stamps to create an ombre stamped image.

The kit includes 1 wand with 2 tips and 6 replacement tips (3 rounded, 3 sharp rounded. After inking your work, all you need to do is remove the dauber tips and wash with lukewarm water, mild soap, allow to dry and they will be ready for the next use.

TIPS: To avoid damaging the dauber tips, use light pouncing, DO NOT use as a brush. The neck of the dauber is not meant for brushing. To replace the tip, get a good grip of the
PLASTIC BASE of the dauber, DO NOT try to remove it by pulling on the dauber tip alone.